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From anil <>
Subject Re: java <defunct> on native threads under Linux
Date Mon, 04 Sep 2000 16:55:00 GMT
Yes, I have seen it. There were no logs, nothing. Every 30 or 60 seconds you
get a zombie process.
I  deleted all tomcat install directories and download all packages from
tomcat 3.2b directory.
Install again and problem went away.
Reason - I am not sure,  missing package or mix max of different versions.
(tomcat, taglibs, ant etc..)


Kevin Sangalee wrote:

> I've got an issue that's been niggling me for a while, so here goes...
> Under Linux, with a JVM using native threads I have around 20 threads
> running Tomcat. However there seems to be a thread being created and
> zombied that shows up as [java <defunct>] on a 'ps ax' (list all
> processes)

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