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From Fritz Thielemann <>
Subject Q: tomcat3.2b3+cocoon1.7.4+apache1.3.12
Date Sun, 03 Sep 2000 15:31:39 GMT
Hi friends,

I've upgraded my tomcat env from 3.1 to 3.2b3 (was for 95% of my stuff a
ten-minutes-job). but the remaining 5% have consumed
the rest of the weekend (with remaining open issues).
I've switched from mod_jserv to mod_jk. In general a good deal but my
cocoon is no longer working in the way it has done before.
How can I get all xml-files parsed to cocoon (from apache) with the
givin syntax of mod_jk.
I've found the same problem asked in the dev list but no real answer.
_ALL_ faq's have no answer to this and I haven't found a document which
give me a path how to get cocoon with mod_jk running.

Everything is running under tomcat's port (8080), but if I have a
xml-file outside of cocoon-context apache can't get cocoon to parse it.
under mod_jserv I have setted a Handler in httpd.conf (like the
tomcat-apache.conf is doing it with the jsp). but under mod_jk I have no
'jserv_servlet' to say

AddType text/xml *.xml
AddHandler jserv-servlet xml

what I have done was to take my own mod_jk.conf and add

JkMount *.xml ajp12 (or ajp13)

but nothing is happen. :-(

Is it not designed in mod_jk to do so or I only missed the trick?

Thanks in advance


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