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From Rachel Greenham <>
Subject Re: Tomcat keeps Crashing!!
Date Fri, 01 Sep 2000 09:49:43 GMT
Shravan Shashikant wrote:
> Hi there,
>    I am using Tomcat to run servlets on my Apache Web server and they use
> JDBC-ODBC bridge to talk with my Access database.Most of the times,Tomcat
> crashes by itself,sometimes when I ask for information like calling a
> servlet or other times when for no reason it crashes.
>    I have installed Tomcat as a service and have specified it to be
> restarted automatically after it fails but still it deosnt seem to restart.

I suspect your problem is actually the JDBC-ODBC bridge and Access. Access
is not really a suitable database engine for deploying web applications, and
even if it was, the JDBC-ODBC bridge is in itself not really up to
prime-time deployment. I don't know of any class 4 JDBC drivers for Access,
but in any case I'd recommend moving your database over to something with a
bit more oomph - practically *anything* else would probably be more
suitable, eg: Postgres (which at least is free and available for Windows) up
to MS SQLServer (though, because they hate Java, they don't provide a JDBC
driver, but third parties do), Oracle and many more.

Other culprits might be the JVM. Which version of Java are you running? I
would take my pot-shot here at the general instability of Windows, but I
know plenty of people are running Tomcat on it without any problems at all.
:-) Still, they're running on NT4sp4-6 at least. Are you?


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