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From Pierre Neihouser <>
Subject Re: Tomcat
Date Fri, 01 Sep 2000 09:17:32 GMT
Hi Dennis,

Dennis Huang wrote:

> Hi:
> I have some questions about Tomcat. I have asked them in jsp list, but
> nobody answers it. I hope someone here can answer it.
>  Is Tomcat just for development/learning purpose?

Yes and no.  Tomcat is a reference implementation.  It is used to show that
there is one Servlet/JSP server out there following exactly  (as much as it
can anyway) the specifications set by SUN.  This is a wonderful tool for
learning purposes, even more if you look at the source code.  It might not
be easy to install, but if you know your way around your OS (if you can
already compile java code and run it, if you can edit configuration files
and have some knowledge about XML) this is as simple as it can get.  It is
great for development because you can create your servlets/JSPs on Tomcat
and deploy on a another system (commercial or your very own) if you want to
and it works fine.  But it is getting very mature now and can be used (if
you know it well enough) for production, in some cases.

> How good is Tomcat?

Well, it is very good.  Maybe you should give me more details.  What do you
want to do with it??  I'll tell you (if I know anything) if it sounds

> Has any company use it on production sever?

I know a lot have, look at the mailing list archive.  We are using it here a
lot for internal systems.  Mainly all client/server projects we are working
on are developed on Tomcat and deployed in our own servlet container.  We
have our CVS access, bugtracking, and soon content management system running
through Tomcat.

Hope this helps,


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