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From John McKendry <>
Subject Re: Tomcat stability issues
Date Fri, 01 Sep 2000 03:05:28 GMT
Charles Forsythe wrote:
> Rajnish Bhaskar wrote:
> > I don't know if this will work in Unix, but in Windows, you
> > can change what port that Tomcat listens on in the
> > server.xml file.
> On Windows 95/98 you can use any port you want.  In 1992, however,
> Microsoft released Windows NT and with it, their new innovation called
> "computer security."  With "computer security" only "privileged users"
> can open ports lower than 1024.
> UNIX, which is always trying to keep up with Microsoft, copied this
> idea.(...)
 As an old-timer, I can tell when somebody is having a little fun with
the facts. But lest any of the younger folk on this list mistake this
account for actual history, I'd point out that BSD 4.3 introduced the
idea of privileged ports < 1024 in 1986.
> Apache on UNIX has the ability to open port 80, but then delegate the
> "work" of the service to a process running with less privileges (an idea
> they stole from IIS, which can also do this under NT).

 Again, inetd in BSD 4.3 did this.
> Obviously, this "computer security" is just a big hassle and shouldn't
> be used.
> -- Charles


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