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From "surinder singh" <>
Subject Re: Server.XML and Web.XML
Date Thu, 24 Aug 2000 08:02:09 GMT

Russell \"Elik\" Rademacher wrote:

>         Okay.  I going to post this again since no one have responded.  So I going
> to make my question broken up to few specific questions and hopefully, I can
> understand it so that I can master the Tomcat.  Before people start flaming
> me, take a moment and consider that I did thoughly checked and I cannot make
> it work on the tomcat itself.  It works with the examples, but after trying
> to configure it to make it setup as I liked, it just plain failed.
>         BTW.... as for people saying to check out the Faq-O-Matic...  I have to say
> that it is broken at the moment.  So... please help me on this.  I checked
> few references places and I cannot find any good documentations since it
> seems that this technology is still immature or not well used to have good
> examples and codes beside just one example to make things tick.  It is
> helpful if there is two or three examples in various layouts and such so
> that people can see what the differences between two or three on various
> aspect so that people do not have to keep badgering this mailing list for
> assistance when those can be available in the documentations itself, which
> only consists of one example at the moment.
>         After browing though the files, I noticed that it seems to have very
> specific requirements to make things ticks.  So... here is my questions.
>         How do I change the ApJServMount /examples to something else so that it
> points to different setup like for example... instead of

This is an excerpt from server.xml

        <!-- example - how to override AutoSetup actions -->
        <Context path="/examples" docBase="webapps/examples" debug="0" reloadable="true"
        <!-- example - how to override AutoSetup actions -->
        <Context path="" docBase="webapps/ROOT" debug="0" reloadable="true" >

in this segment two contexts are are set

first will direct the request for

second one is doing what ur asking by directing

put some servlet in say hi-fi in
try the URL

u can edit this file

>         Secondly, what is the main point of having /root at the end as shown in the
> example like this:  ApJServMount /examples /root, since before Tomcat, in
> JServ, having /root points to the Zone Property setup, which you setup in
> the jserv.conf, and  It seems it is not
> used anymore.  So..what is the main point of the /root in there this time
> around?
>         Thirdly, is the directory layout of /webapps/examples/WEB-INF/------->jsp
>                                                                                     \------>servlets
>         Are they required?  What if I want to change that to this format as
> follows:
>                                                              /WEB-INF/-------->jsp
>                                                                           \------->servlets
>                                                                            \------>images

WEB-INF is meant for storing classes and web.xml and not static content. You cannnot access
a html or
gif placed inside this. u can try this also.

>         How do I go about to setting it up in the web.xml and server.xml in the
> conf directory?  I like to change to this format and have it set as default
> with perhaps few alternations for few people for each domains.  Any help is
> appreciated.
>         How do I make the servlets works if it is mounted like this as follows:
> instead of
> ----------------------------------------------
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> Russell "Elik" Rademacher
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