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From Ralph Rice <>
Subject JAR corruption??
Date Thu, 14 Sep 2000 16:23:19 GMT
Getting tomcat to work *right* is a real challenge. My system is a
Windows NT workstation, running Tomcat in stand-alone mode with the
JDK1.2.1 from Sun. All my classpaths are correct.   

TRY 1:
When I start up tomcat (using the "source distribution" from, I get an "Invalid Connection Handler" when I get a
"ClassNotFoundException" while trying to load the HttpConnectionHandler
object. This object is in the "webserver.jar" archive.  All other
classes seem to be loading. 

TRY 2:
I extract the archive in "%TOMCAT_HOME%\lib", set the classpath to point
to "%TOMCAT_HOME%\lib", remove "%TOMCAT_HOME%\lib\webserver.jar", run
tomcat, and it works.

TRY 2a: 
I stop tomcat and re-run it, it still works.

TRY 3:
I remove the original "webserver.jar", re-jar the files to a new
webserver.jar, change the classpath back, run tomcat, and it works.

TRY 4:
When I stop tomcat and I re-run it, I get the same error from TRY 1.  

What the hell happened in TRY 4??  My theory is that the jar got
corrupted after running tomcat.  Anyone else had this problem??

Ralph Allan Rice
System Analyst
Performance Concepts, Inc

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