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From Ralph Rice <>
Subject Finally Resolved: Invalid Connection Handle
Date Wed, 13 Sep 2000 22:28:14 GMT
It seem like I have looking for days for an answer on why my tomcat will
not start. I finally found the answer.  The problem was that I kept on
getting a "ClassNotFound Exception" while Tomcat was trying to load
org.apache.tomcat.service.http.HttpConnectionHandler, even though my
CLASSPATH is set correctly to C:\tomcat\lib\webserver.jar, the location
of the web server classes.  I thought "well, if the tomcat main method
is running, then something is wrong with the class itself.". Otherwise,
I would not be able to load the other classes.  Well, I decided to
extract the jar to my C:\tomcat\lib\ directory, and set the CLASSPATH to
include C:\tomcat\lib (removing C:\tomcat\lib\webserver.jar from the
CLASSPATH).  Viola! Tomcat worked.  I zipped the classes into a jar
called "webserver2.jar", and set the CLASSPATH to
C:\tomcat\lib\webserver2.jar (removing C:\tomcat\lib from the
CLASSPATH).  Viola! Tomcat worked AGAIN!  My conclusion is that the JAR
included with the source dist is messed up somehow. 

Wow.  A lot of work to get this running, but I guess it is worth it. My
2 cents...

Ralph Allan Rice
System Analyst
Performance Concepts, Inc

Don't know who to vote for?  Vote for an alternative in 2000.

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