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From pohl <>
Subject where is mod_jk?
Date Mon, 18 Sep 2000 18:22:36 GMT

Summary: where is mod_jk source code?

Long version:

I'm trying to work through assembling apache/tomcat/mod_jk
for the first time, and am having some trouble with the
assortment of available documentation.

The above document looked promising, but for all of its
talk on "obtaining mod_jk" it never actually says where to
grab it from.  (I'm building on linux, where it merely
gives an apxs incantation that complains about no source
file.)  So where is the source?

I can't find it in the Tomcat 3.1 source distribution, it's
not in my Apache 1.3.12 source distribution (which is where
this howto implies it might be).  

There there's the following FAQ-o-matic entry which insists
that there is documentation in the tomcat distribution on the
subject, but it doesn't give a filename (and I can't find
relevent docs in the source tarball)

Under normal conditions I would stick with jserv, but my
goal is to get jboss working with a servlet engine, and 
tomcat is the engine they suggest.

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