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From Paul Bain <>
Subject Re: Tomcat Vs JServ
Date Thu, 07 Sep 2000 15:04:09 GMT
At 10:28 AM 9/7/00 , you wrote:
>I am just starting to play with tomcat and Jservs and I am a bit
>confused here.
>I understand that Tomcat is another implementation of the Jserv module,
>but where is the difference ?
>If I am running a Web Server like Stronghold, is there any reason why I
>would need Tomcat rather than ApacheJserv ?

        Tomcat is meant to replace Apache JServ because it allows the usage of
the servlet 2.2 API, whereas JServ doesn't allow the usage of any servlet API
more recent than 2.0. Tomcat also has many other improvements, but that is the
primary one. See for more information.

Paul Bain
(703) 479-ICOM (-4266), ext. 102
(703) 479-0701 (fax)

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