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From Robert Oxspring <>
Subject Re: org/xml/sax
Date Mon, 04 Sep 2000 09:57:09 GMT
I wouldn't be surprised to find that the "void" has been inserted by
some well meaning IDE and has been overlooked by some lenient compiler,
and Jikes is about the least lenient compiler I've seen (although
that's not a bad thing).  My advise is to remove the keyword "void" and
see if the problem goes away.

The other problem is one I've noticed before too.  Quite simply the
class "Attributes" has been created in both of the imported packages
and the compiler doesn't know what to do.  One reason for this could be
that you are using a different version of the APIs involved that happen
to have a name clash.  Another reason is that Sun's Javac tends to pick
out one of the candidates and run with it, whereas more careful
compilers such as IBM's Jikes spot the problem and leave it to you to
sort out.  The solution to either of these is to import the class
explicitly with one of the following lines near the bottom of your
import statements.

import org.xml.sax.Attributes;

Which one to use involves a bit or guess work, although since there's
only two options trial and error should do the trick...

Good luck


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