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From "Lambert, Stephen : CO IR" <SLamb...@LHS.ORG>
Subject Installing Tomcat on Linux
Date Tue, 12 Sep 2000 22:06:31 GMT
I have a Redhat 6.2 /Apache web server with JRE1.2.2 installed.

Now, I'm trying to install Tomcat. I have untarred the Jakarta-Tomcat.tar
and chown -R to root for /usr/local/jakarta-tomcat.
I have the following environment variables in my /root/.bash_profile


and /usr/local/jre1.2.2/bin has been added to the PATH.

Without editing any of the Tomcat scripts, I tried to run the
script from
I get the following error:

./ usr/local/jre1.2.2/bin/java: no such file or directory

This seems odd, since that from the command line in any directory, I can get
the java -version to respond, but not with the script!

I'm finding the install docs difficult to understand since I'm not
installing JDK!
Any suggestions as to why the is not finding
/usr/local/jakarta-tomcat/bin/java, even though it is part of the path.
Are there any web pages that someone could point me to that give a checklist
on installing Tomcat on Linux?


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