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From "Andrew B. Sudell" <>
Subject Re: CVS for servletapi-4.0
Date Mon, 25 Sep 2000 01:13:35 GMT

Craig R. McClanahan writes:
 > Anthony Marino wrote:
 > > What is the path to the CVS servletapi4.0?
 > >
 > > Thank You.
 > The API classes for the new spec versions (servlet 2.3 and JSP 1.2) are
 > in the same CVS module (jakarta-servletapi) as the classes for the
 > current versions -- they are just on a separate branch.  To check out
 > the new version of these classes, you would do something like this:
 >     cvs -d \
 >         checkout -r SERVLET_23_JSP_12 jakarta-servletapi
 > For the convenience of non-CVS users, nightly builds of the new-version
 > API classes are available at:
 > and source versions at

I got my self confused checking out the head of Tomcat the other day.
As near as I can figure, if I want Tomcat 3.x I really seem to want
the tomcat_32 branches of tomcat and servletapi.

Am I close to right?

What is the branching strategy for tomcat and related projects as work 
on tomcat 4.0, Servlet 2.3, etc ramps up?

Does it make sense to publish the branch tag names on the "how to get
this from cvs" page?

        Drew Sudell

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