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From "Lacerda, Wellington (AFIS)" <>
Subject RE: how many config files???
Date Tue, 12 Sep 2000 11:25:17 GMT
You must define a web.xml per context.
In tomcat-home/conf directory you will find a default web.xml configuration,
which parameters can be reconfigured by the web.xml. For instance, if you
want to declare a servlet that must be known in all instances. This is the
case of invoker, the JSPCompiler, etc.

Check the Servlet2.2 API spec for more information on web applications and
the web application deployment descriptor (web.xml).

Wellington Silva

		-----Original Message-----
		From:	david owens []
		Sent:	Tuesday, September 12, 2000 1:15 AM
		Subject:	how many config files???

		Tying to get Tomcat3.1 running with Apache on Win98
		and wasting HOURS of time...wish someone would help!
		(I got JServe running in only 10 mins..)

		I want to add a new context for my .jsp and servlets
		Even better if I can make it at C:\myapp (for now).

		Where do you specify contexts?  In:
		     AS <directory>s and ApJServMount(s)
		     AND zones= in
		     AND repositories= in in my apps
		     AND <context>s in server.xml?
		     AND <servlet>s in myapp\web-inf\web.xml? 

		I read all the docs and I'm still VERY confused.
		I usually learn things very quickly and help others...

		What do I need to put in each of these files, or
		are some redundant under tomcat with apache config?

		thanks much,
		--- David

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