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From "Mike Bremford" <>
Subject Tomcat w/ Apache/SSL - nokeepalive not working
Date Fri, 15 Sep 2000 16:49:23 GMT
Hi all

Has anyone managed to get Apache+mod_ssl to turn off keepalive when
returning results from Tomcat to Internet Explorer?

Or, in shorter sentences:

Internet Explorer has a bug with keepalive and SSL - it needs to be turned
off, otherwise even when your page has finished the browser will look like
it's still loading.

The usual way to do this is adding the following string to your httpd.conf
file in Apache:

BrowserMatch "MSIE" nokeepalive ssl-unclean-shutdown downgrade-1.0

This works fine for static files (which are served by Apache), but not for
anything returned by Tomcat.

I've tried adding response.setHeader ("Connection", "Close") to the JSP, or
even in a moment of desperation adding <META HTTP-EQUIV="Connection"
CONTENT="Close">. No joy.

I haven't tested this with Tomcats SSL connection directly, but as I
couldn't find any mention of "keep-alive" in the source for 3.2b3, unless
this is handled in the SSLFactory library (which I doubt) I wouldn't be
surprised if it's there too. I also haven't tested with mod_jk, only

Setup, once again, is Solaris/Apache 1.3.12 + mod_ssl 2.6.6 talking to
Tomcat 3.2b3 via mod_jserv.

Here's the excerpt from my httpd.conf:

<VirtualHost _default_:443>
BrowserMatch "MSIE" nokeepalive ssl-unclean-shutdown downgrade-1.0
DocumentRoot "/web/jackson"
ApJServMount /servlet ajpv12://localhost:8007/ROOT
ErrorLog /usr/local/apache/logs/error_log
TransferLog /usr/local/apache/logs/access_log
SSLEngine on
SSLCertificateFile /usr/local/apache/conf/ssl.crt/server.crt
SSLCertificateKeyFile /usr/local/apache/conf/ssl.key/server.key

Cheers... Mike

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