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Subject Strange behavior with <jsp:include and <%@page include in Tomcat32b2
Date Fri, 01 Sep 2000 06:01:45 GMT
I hope i am not being wrong but i have problem in using the <jsp:include
when the page that i want to include is one or more levels up in the
structure as compared to the including page.
In other words when i try <jsp:include page="../included-page.jsp
flush="true" />
it does not wok.
On the DOS console i get a strange "sendError Failed" message. The HTML
output displays
without any exceptions but without the content of the included page also.
If i copy the included page into the same directory with the including page
everything works !!

This happens in Tomcat32b2 but i think that in Tomcat3.1 i was able to
include pages from a directory up.
Also in Tomcar3.2b2  the static <%@ include file   does not work in the same
I alwaus have to give the full relative path from the context :
For example :
<%@ include file="../file.jsp %> does not work  (It workes in Tomcat3.1
though !!)
whereas  <%@ include file="/contextName/jsp/file.jsp %> works !!

Am i wrong or right ? ?
Does it have to do with the getResourceAsStream() method which is used in
the Tomcat3.2 version ? ?


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