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From Stefán Freyr Stefánsson <>
Subject RE: Receiving every message twice.
Date Wed, 27 Sep 2000 13:50:39 GMT
most likely on your side...

I was experiencing this problem with another mailing list and somebody
suggested that I look at the settings on the mail server on my side...

That wasn't the problem in my case however... the problem was that I was
using rules to sort out my mail.  I threw all mail from that mailing list in
a specific folder.  What I had not noticed was that I accidentally had two
active rules doing that thing so when I received an email from the mailing
list the first one copied it to the specified folder and after that, the
second rule did that as well... (I know... I'm not proud of that... pretty

So my advice is for you to check your rules if you have any... if that
doesn't work, try to look at the mail server on your side... I don't know
what you should look for there however ;o)


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From: Varela Santoalla, Daniel []
Sent: 27. september 2000 13:26
Subject: Receiving every message twice.

	Hello everybody.

	I'm receiving every mailing list message twice.
	Is it a mailing list problem or is it mine? Any advice?


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