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From "Amandeep Jawa" <>
Subject Can I have different classpaths for different users?
Date Mon, 18 Sep 2000 19:06:57 GMT

I may be missing something really basic, but here goes.....

I have set up my Apache/Tomcat installation for 4 developers.  The problem
is that when each developer restarts Tomcat - it uses his/her classpath as
it's classpath & thus other developers' code is not found.

I realize that i could just creat a user & put everyone's classpath in it -
but I'd still have the problem of the first user's classpath would always
win & thus some developer's code would never get called (we're working on
the same code base)....

How do I address this?  Do I find someway to run 1 instance of Tomcat per
developer?  Do I somehow fiddle with the mod_jserv config to call Tomcat
differently each time? Or is there a better way to set Tomcat's classpath
than I am using?

Any Ideas?


Amandeep Jawa
Imagelock, Inc.
1725 Montgomery St
San Francisco CA 94111

Work: 415 616 7262 (616 SAMBA)
Fax: 415 392 5382

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