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From "Trevor Nielsen" <>
Subject Tomcat -> Apache (Handler Thread Problem: Stream Broken)
Date Sat, 26 Aug 2000 01:32:00 GMT

Hi all,

I am currently trying to get Tomcat and Apache talking
to eachother on Red Hat 6.1.  Apache is running fine on its own
and so it Tomcat, but as soon as I send a request to port
8007 (default port for tomcat-apache link) I get the following
error :-

HANDLER THREAD PROBLEM: Stream broken Stream broken
st(, Compiled Code)
nection(, Compiled Code)
ava, Compiled Code)
        at, Compiled Code)

Now I have done compilations of the source for both apache and for
tomcat, but I downloaded the i386 Linux binary version of
and wonder if that could be the problem, or if there are bigger issues


Trevor Nielsen
Software & Systems Engineer
Vellis Knowledge Pty Ltd.
Level 2 370 Queen St.
Brisbane Qld, 4000.
phone : 3832 6555
email :

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