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From "Jorge Castello" <>
Subject Problem with nsapi_redirect
Date Mon, 25 Sep 2000 10:48:01 GMT
Hello everybody,
I'm brand new to this list, so I donĀ“t know if this question was discussed before. I've searched
the list archives but I didn't find any answer.

My problem is the following:

I have Netscape Enterprise Server 4.0 SP2, on windows 2000, and I want to use tomcat 3.1 as
its servlet container. So I downloaded the file nsapi_redirect.dll, and placed it on C:\tomcat\bin\netscape\i386\nsapi_redirect.dll

I made the changes to file obj.conf as suggested in "Tomcat Netscape HowTo", but when I start
my server I get an error in the log file that says:

[25/sep/2000:12:11:36] info (  860): successful server startup
[25/sep/2000:12:11:36] info (  860): Netscape-Enterprise/4.0 SP2 BB1-10/23/99 08:59
[25/sep/2000:12:11:36] failure (  860): Configuration initialization failed: Error running
init function jk_init: unknown error

I've attached my obj.conf file.
Does anyone have an idea about what's happening?

Thanx in advance


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