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From "Stefan Urban" <>
Subject Where should i set the CLASSPATH
Date Fri, 01 Sep 2000 09:13:31 GMT

I have still a problem to set the CLASSPATH-Variable for Servlets.
The Problem is the following:

I have a servlet that imports several Classes from a JAR-Archive. Of course
i put this file explicit on the CLASSPATH. Now I'm starting TOMCAT and he
shows me the right CLASSPATH. When I'm starting now the servlet (i have got
an Applet as the client) everything works fine. The servlet itselfs connects to a database.
(This is a well-known Model) Until here, no problems. One day later I
restart the Applet again and... an exception apears which says:

ClassNotFoundException (?!?!?!)

Why he does not find my classes anymore. I also included the
CLASSPATH in the file (wrapper.classpath=/usr/....)

+ Stefan Urban (
+ PeVo Gmbh
+ Süsterstr.24
+ 49080 Osnabrueck
+ Germany

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