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From "jason watkins" <>
Subject Global Site logging
Date Fri, 29 Sep 2000 00:53:03 GMT
I'm currently using Tomcat3.1 on IIS5, out of process with redirector.
However, I'd like any solution to be apache compat if possible, generic
servlet container compatible way even better.

What I want to do:
For each http request under, insert the http headers into a
table, this later (periodically) will be loaded by my data warehouse system,
which will update itself as nessisary then merge the log into it's own logs.

Now, the question is, how can I go about doing this? Performance isn't a
huge worry.. the individual users latency should be low, but the number of
cuncurrent users should be quite low.

Traditional approaches to this involve parseing the httpd log files, however
I want to write a unique browser_id and session_id to each client when

I could easily do this by writing a fetch servlet, and adjusting all my
URL's to be http://host/fetch?/services/prices.html or similar, however I'd
like to avoid that. I'd accomplished the same using URL rewriting on Apache
and PHP, and it ended up being an incredible pain, since there was little
way to restore the proper context to the dispached url.

This also implies that I either want to spawn a thread, or more likely,
dispach and include the output into my master servlet, so that the logging
insert work trails after client's content has been delivered.

Any thoughts?

jason watkins

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