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From "develop" <>
Subject Can you help me?
Date Fri, 02 Jun 2000 08:19:05 GMT
Hello,Mr.and Mrs.
    I am Baojun Song come from china. I'm very interested in the tomcat. 
    My question is how to set up the home directory of ContextManager of tomcat.
    When I install the tomcat on win2000. The tomcat_home is d:\jakarta-tomcat. By default,
the ContextManager_home is d:\jakarta-tomcat too. when I added a home attribute according
to the server.xml as following:
    <ContextManager port="8081" inet="" debug="0" workDir="work" home="/test">   
    But when I startup the tomcat and the apache after seting up the server.xml,I find that
it works as before.My setting didn't work.How can I do? I lookup lots of infomation and I
couldn't make it work. Can you tell me how to set up it in detail?
    Anyway,Thank you very much!

#I want to put the jsp and servlets files into d:\test\jsp Now the tomcat_home is d:\jakarta-tomcat

Best Regards
Yours sincerely
Baojun Song
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