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From "jason watkins" <>
Subject Re: tomcat iis-how to fails on windows 2000
Date Thu, 28 Sep 2000 06:15:49 GMT
> I followed the tomcat-iis how-to very carefully. I have 2 questions:
> 1)
> Add a string value with the name extension_uri and a value of
> /jakarta/isapi_redirect.dll
> The value "/jakarta/isapi_redirect.dll" - should is be this value all the
> time - even if my install directory is c:\java\tomcat\...?

This is a URI, not a local path. The name will match the virtual directory
you create in IIS management.

> 2)
> Using the IIS management console, add a new virtual directory to your
> IIS/PWS web site
> What do you mean by "to YOUR web site". Our iis seems to have 3 or 4 "web
> sites". Does it matter which one I add it to (or I guess I could add a
> virtual path to all of them). I assume that each web site listens on
> different ports or for different paths and thats how iis distinguishes
> requests for the different 'sites'.

Add it to default. AFAIK, that should always work

> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> My Problem: when I stop/retsart iis it shows that the filter has failed
> to load. I followed the instruction up to

If you misconfigured the keys above, that's probibly the reason it's borked.

> Possible Other problems: what is ajp12 - I certainly did not install it -
> do I need to? It sound slike ajp12 is a protocol that the redirector uses
> (and it knows how to use it already, and tomcat knows how to use it too).

You don't need to install any software, tomcat and the iis redirector just
agree to talk in this protocol, which they both know.

> Concerning contexts: I want to serve my website (in tomcat/webapps/hhw as
> the "default" context, i.e., should be for my hhw
> context. I do not want to have to have my users type an extra hhw all the
> time. Any ideas about this? There must be a way to configure tomcat to
> use only this default site, but I connot find any doco on the server.xml
> file as used by tomcat. Any idea where it explains all the ins and outs
> for this file (source code?)?

To control this, edit both to tell the redirector
about the context and tomcat's server.xml file to actually add the context.
You'll add
or something similar to uriworkmap in order to get .jsp's processed accross
the entire website. I believe these are entered in order of priority, so put
this at the bottom so that you can override it with more local contexts when

The server.xml file is fairly simple xml format.. it's explained at:

adding the context is fairly straightforward.

> And...the instructions for the "in process" how-to say I need to do the
> tomcat-iis how -to. Is this really necessary? Does the in-process version
> use the redirect dll?

Yes. But honestly, I wouldn't worry about it. Get it working, and then get
it fast. It's pretty unlikely you'll need the added speed of the in process

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