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From Brian Søgaard <>
Subject Commercial use of Tomcat
Date Wed, 27 Sep 2000 22:35:57 GMT

As a system developer I'm working for a small company which works with
design and development of homepages and hosting of webhotels.
We are talking about offering our customers the use of JSP and servlets on
our webservers. - But, can we use Tomcat as our JSP-server without a
(commercial) license?
I cannot find anything about this at the Tomcat homepage, so please inform
me about this situation. Do we have to pay?
It is only a few customers who will use this (less than 10 with maximum
30-40 request a day on average), so we do not make great demands on the
performance and such. - That also means we do not want to use a fortune on
If it possible, of course, we want to make the 10 customers happy, - then we
become happy, and you also, because you get more customers ... :-)

And by the way - is it true that we can implement it with our IIS5 (Windows
2000 Prof. and Server)?

(Sorry my english)

  Brian Søgaard
  System developer, Dansk Master Web

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