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From "Administrator" <>
Subject Help For Setting Tomcat With IIS 5.0
Date Fri, 01 Sep 2000 08:45:54 GMT
Good day,

    For my company, I use a jarkata-tomcat as our web server, base on Windows2000 Server Edition,
but now, I want to host up another site with different ip on the same server using IIS 5.0,
and whenever I trying to browse from the server, both the domain for my company are point
to the same site(Tomcat site), and when I trying to search the tomcat website for a help,
I found a article to redirect the IIS to use tomcat(,
I followed every step stated there to setup all the registry, download the isapi_redirect.dll,
but still, I cant make my website to cammunicate with the database engine! I knew that there
is another option to set Tomcat to bind to a specific ip, but it looks like doens't work for
me :(, If not mistaken, those setting should be in the file named "" in "conf"
forlder, and I just change the
( is my website address, honestly, this website is not for public purpose, please
forgive me that I cant tell you the actual ip.) If you know that maybe my setup is incorrect
or what, please tell me the correct way to make it work.

The spec for my web site is:
1. a Tomcat 3.1 as a web server,
2. a IBM DB2 Version 7 as a database enging,
3. Windows2000 Server Edition with SP1
4. a dedicated leased line and two domain name with different ip.

please reply me a email as soon as possible, your help is highly appreciated.


Vincent Chia
Web Master For NEC APCN2-CyberOffice

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