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From "Jon Skeet" <>
Subject Re: What does "ApJServMount default /root" mean?
Date Fri, 29 Sep 2000 07:58:50 GMT
> Thanks for the reply, but I've already looked in the JServ project
> documentation.  The "complete reference" manual is supposed to be at
> but as others on this list have noted this simply returns a Java stack trace
> when you try to surf to it!  I've also used search engines to try and find
> an alternative site for this file, but everyone seems to just link to it,
> not copy it.
> Hooking Tomcat to Apache with mod_jserv seems to require using ApJServMount
> (without it I get messages in error.log that something got a signal 11).
> However, the reasons for requiring it are not clear to me and not explained
> anywhere, and I can't find documentation on how to use this directive.

Clearly you need to use ApJServMount otherwise JServ doesn't know which
URLs it should be responsible for. Personally I've always found the
documentation in the config file itself (in the comments) to be good enough
- although I found recently that I don't believe it matters *what* zone
you tell JServ to go to (in tomcat), it will pass the normal URL through
and Tomcat will treat that as the context path - ie

ApJServMount /fred /bob

will *actually* go to the fred context, not the bob one. IME, of course,
and with Tomcat 3.1 :)

As for the /ROOT business - looking at the source very briefly yesterday,
I believe it's case *in*sensitive in 3.1.


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