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Subject Re: page has moved messages...
Date Fri, 04 Aug 2000 15:42:47 GMT
Hi $bill
just my 2 cents
I have noticed apache sending out a temporarily moved response especially 
when u type the domain name without the ending /
eg if u type and enter 
apache sends back a 302 messgage with the new url as
Maybe this is ur problem.. PLease try adding a / at the end.

Today $Bill Dossett said

> Hi,
> I've got a form that submits and update to a database,
> then calls itself to display the data again so the user
> can see his changes and make further updates... the
> problem is that when I call the form, directly  after
> the update, the mesages, "this page as moved to here"
> with here being a hyperlink to the same page as
> I have called...  The URL is correct in the browser
> window and the requested URL is correct in the jasper
> log, but I still get this message and can't figure out
> why because as far as I can tell, all the paths and
> stuff is corrrect....  the bulk of the code is produced
> by macromedia ultradev.  Cool product, it writes the
> code and you get to fix it :-)  anyway, I've picked
> my way through all of the code and for once I think
> it's right.. maybe,  any ideas on what I should look
> at?
> Thanks
> Bill

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