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From Oki DZ <>
Subject org.apache.turbine.util.db.pool.*;
Date Wed, 09 Aug 2000 02:23:14 GMT

I had the following in my


What I wanted was to have a database connection for Turbine users and
another for a "select" only users on a certain database (besides, I
didn't want to mess around yet with the Turbine users' database, it's
ACL's, etc.). Then I was wondering why my stored procedures couldn't get
executed. After fiddling around with the source codes (hey, it's really
great to have the source be with you), I found out (hmm, what a
discovery) that the db pools use the db URLs as the pool's hashtable keys.
Since I use jConnect 5.2 and jConnect doesn't define database names in the
URLs, my intention to connect to "syslinux" database was connected to the
"default" database; so my stored procedures couldn't be found. 

This situation is a bit unfortunate; and also makes me wonder, if I
remember correctly, other JDBC drivers accept URLs like
jdbc:subprotocol://hostname:portnumber/databasename. I don't know, maybe
Sybase decides that their JDBC drivers should accept only ODBC-style URLs.
Well, at any rate, I think there should be some other way for Turbine to
deal with this situation (because you can have more than one databases
served by a single database server).

Currently, my solution was to use a port forwarder (stone) to forward port
5050 to the database's port 5000, so that I can have different URLs in the, while actually they connect to the same database

ps: is "softwares" defined in English?

					So many free software
					So little time...

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