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Subject Bug at POSTing data to JSP page from Internet Explorer
Date Wed, 16 Aug 2000 14:44:29 GMT

I have Tomcat 3.1.
I work with it under Windows 95.
My Web  browser is Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 (MSIE).

I think I found a bug while POSTing from HTML form to JSP page some data
(GETing works fine).

My HTML page (q.html)
<FORM action="q.jsp" method="get">
<INPUT type="text" name="q_par" value="get">
<INPUT type="submit">

<FORM action="q.jsp" method="post">
<INPUT type="text" name="q_par" value="post">
<INPUT type="submit">

My JSP page (q.jsp)

<HEAD><TITLE>Problems with POST</TITLE></HEAD>
<%= request.getParameter("q_par") %>

Describe of a bug

1) I press button for SUBMIT of the first HTML form (that is for GET).
    The q.jsp displays the correct text (that is GET).
2) I return to q.html.
3) I press button for SUBMIT of the second HTML form (that is for POST).
    MSIE works and works, but does not display q.jsp.
    Instead of it MSIE (after some 5 minutes) finishes with timeout error.


1) I found that when I remove the line <INPUT type="text" name="q_par"
     from the second HTML form, q.jsp will displays (but empty, of course).
2)  Netscape works correctly for both two HTML forms.
3) MSIE sends HTTP header "Content-Length" as the one before last (that is
before parameter q_par).
3) Netscape sends HTTP header "Content-Length" as last one HTTP header.
4) The Specification at RFC 2068 does not speak about the order of HTTP
My conclusion: Tomcat 3.1 has a bug.

Is it right? Has anybody any ideas how to make MSIE to POST data to JSP
under Tomcat 3.1?

     Mirek Subrt

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