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From "Dan Kirkpatrick" <>
Subject RE: [Q] Session invalidation and authentication mechanism
Date Mon, 14 Aug 2000 22:12:56 GMT
This method is still open to an attack where the attacker hijacks the
session from a valid user.  Many servlet engines use a predictable method of
creating the session ID, and thus one user can infer future session IDs
based upon the session ID originally given to them.  A simple edit of their
cookie and they have now hijacked another user's session.

Another approach that should be used is that the IP address of the user
should be stored server-side.  Future requests should check that the user IP
address matches the address stored server-side.  If they don't match, the
session has been hijacked.


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From: java program []
Sent: Monday, August 14, 2000 3:58 AM
Subject: Re: [Q] Session invalidation and authentication mechanism

Is it a good way of doing authentication?

I make authentication with database for
userid/password, if in session some attribute is not
set. like "user.logged" and each entry point has to
check this before continue. Is it a good way of doing
In My case I don't have to invalidate complete session
but only that attribute.

offcourse I will assume that my application will run
under SSL etc., which still I have to check.

--- Luke Taylor <> wrote:
> Basically the question is how are the session and
> authentication data
> linked (or are they)?
> I've set up a web application which has various
> security constraints
> configured in the web.xml file and I use basic
> authentication to login.
> At a later stage I want to logout and I click on a
> link that gets a
> servlet to invalidate() the user session. The
> problem is that I can
> still access pages which are protected and the
> browser doesn't ask me
> to login again. I would have expected the security
> information to be
> linked to the session object, and indeed the user
> principal object is
> no longer there when I subsequently call
> getUserPrincipal() (during
> another logout attempt)...
> Anyone any ideas?
> Luke.
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>  Luke Taylor.
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