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From "Dan Kirkpatrick" <>
Subject IOException on pure HTML .jsp file???
Date Fri, 11 Aug 2000 00:54:39 GMT
I'm getting a weird error that appears to be a bug with Jakarta-Tomcat.

I'm serving up a pure-html page (no <% %> tags) using Jakarta.  The file is
named "fubar.jsp", so it gets processed by Jakarta into a servlet.  When it
runs, I get a few of the following exception on the console:

2000-08-10 05:11:48 - Ctx( /fubar ): IOException in: R( /fubar + / +
/images/fubar.gif) Connection aborted by peer: socket write error

The error is repeatable every time.  The images upon which I see this error
are all given with a relative URL (it's "../images/XXXX.gif").  When the
page is finished loading, the images appear correctly on the resulting page.
However, every so often Jakarta never returns (the IE throbber never stops

Has anyone else had this problem?  This looks most certainly like a bug in
Jakarta, as I'm serving up a pure-html file.  I'm interested in a fix, a
work-around, or some explanation that would allow me to avoid the problem.


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