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From "Gary Fidler" <>
Subject RE: Unable to load classes in JSP
Date Tue, 15 Aug 2000 14:35:38 GMT

I have the same configuration and am running into the same situation.

I'm just living with it for now.  Is it any better if you import:

	import ""

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From: Zeltser, Mark []
Sent: Tuesday, August 15, 2000 8:21 AM
Subject: Unable to load classes in JSP

Hi All,

I am running Tomcat 3.1 with jdk1.2.2 under WinNt 4.0.

Inside of my JSP page I import class files (they are in the class path)
using page directive. useBean works only if I provide full path to my


<%@ page import="*, com.comp.feutil.*,
com.comp.WebUtil.*" errorPage="\v1_0\Error.jsp" %>

<%@ include file="Header.jsp" %> 
<jsp:useBean scope="request" id="profileBean" class="ProfileBean" />
// this doesn't work
<jsp:useBean scope="request" id="profileBean"
class="" />	// this works.

I tried copying all the files under /appContext/Web-inf/classes
directory but it didn't help. Can anyone explain?

Thanks, Mark.

BTW, I was able to integrate Visual Cafe 4.0 with Tomcat using
instructions provided for JBuilder.

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