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From "Bill Pfeiffer" <>
Subject RE: jsp:include not compiling modified jsp
Date Wed, 30 Aug 2000 14:56:58 GMT
Shouldn't it work through the chain of included source jsp's and check dates
on those as well?  If the spec does not indicate this, I would suggest that
the spec is broken.  The process for running the generated servlet's of an
included jsp should be the same as running a top level jsp:
	Look at the jsp source,
	if it is newer than the generated servlet class file,
	Run the servlet

I wouldn't think anything else would make sense.

If I assume that Tomcat does not do this, what are my options when including
a jsp header and footer on ALL my other jsp's?  Do I need to touch on ALL my
jsp's because I make a single mod to my header jsp?

Thanks again for any info/insight on this,

Bill Pfeiffer

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From: William Brogden []
Sent: Wednesday, August 30, 2000 10:41 AM
Subject: Re: jsp:include not compiling modified jsp

Bill Pfeiffer wrote:
> I have a jsp that includes another jsp.  When I modify the included jsp
> run the "parent" jsp, the modified jsp does NOT get recompiled.
> Why is this?  Is it a bug or working as designed?  I can modify the parent
> jsp and the included will also then be recompiled.  This is going to be a
> real problem if I include the jsp into several parent page (say if the
> included page was a header, which, in my case, it is).
> TIA,
> Bill Pfeiffer

I would say that it is working according to spec. I think it checks
date on your primary page source versus the data on the .java code -
since your primary page didn't change, it looks ok.

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