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From "Greg Nieman" <>
Subject Re: trouble with tomcat on nt
Date Wed, 16 Aug 2000 11:00:40 GMT
First stuff to look at:

1.Make sure all the registry entries are right.  I had at least one typo 
here when I first started out.  Make sure not to forget the Filter DLLs 
entry in the W3SVC key.
2.Make sure the virtual directory jakarta is set up with execute permission.
3.Make sure the isapi dll is loaded - should be a green up arrow in the 
isapi filter tab.
4.Make sure the tomcat server is running as either a service or executed.  I 
run it as a service myself.  If you aren't there are instructions for this 
5.If you use the /examples directory, it should work ok, but if you try the 
test you will need to add an entry for that directory in the
\conf\ file:


Otherwise, what I posted won't work.

6.Check your log file with it set to error.  When you restart the server, 
log will write out and if you have an error it will show up then as it shuts 
7.If all else fails, shitcan the whole thing.  I mean delete everything 
you've done and start over, right from unzipping the download.  Run a 
scandisk and defrag too before you do.  Sometimes there may be some weird 
intersection of time and space reason for something, but diagnosing it takes 
way less time than replacing all the suspect parts.

Good Luck


>From: "Abdul-Kareem Abo-Namous" <>
>To: <>
>Subject: Re: trouble with tomcat on nt
>Date: Wed, 16 Aug 2000 16:04:19 +0200
>but that's actually what i needed, i wanted it to work with iis. so what 
>i do wrong. i setup the registry and installed the isapi-filter in the iis
>console. i would like to be able to use the second syntax (without explicit
> > Just for clarification, the 8080 port is used by default for Tomcat
> > standalone mode, where it will function as a standalone http server.  
> > 8007 port setting in the properties files is for integration with a web
> > server like IIS or Apache, where the request is forwarded on to tomcat 
> > that port and the results returned back to the web server.  If you have 
> > set up in this mode both of the statements below will work:
> >
> > http://localhost:8080/test/RealPath.jsp
> > http://localhost/test/RealPath.jsp
> >
> > Although there is some extra configuration involved in the second.
> >
> > hth,
> >
> > Greg Nieman
> >
> >

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