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From "Mader, Cary J" <>
Subject RE: how to run apache AND jserv on one web server.
Date Tue, 08 Aug 2000 15:07:38 GMT
It is possible...
The  latest versions of Jserv and Tomcat share the same mod_jserv source.   
You can set up Apache to run JServ as normal (including mod_jserv), and let
it talk on the default port 8007.
Make sure Tomcat uses a different port than JServ.  This is configured in
the web.xml file for Tomcat. 
Make a copy of the tomcat-apache.conf file created by Tomcat and edit it to
remove the duplicate apj directives. Add mount directives to point to the
Tomcat port...
ApJServMount /examples/servlet ajpv12://localhost:8107/examples
ApJServMount /examples/jsp ajpv12://localhost:8107/examples

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From: Detlef Brendle []
Sent: Tuesday, August 08, 2000 7:10 AM
Subject: how to run apache AND jserv on one web server.

For some odd reasons it is necessary for me to run tomcat and jserv on one
Apache web Server.
my question therefore is - Is it possible to run both services on the same
Web server ?
If so - how do I handle the different ??
and other entries..

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