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From "jhager" <>
Subject jserv fine, tomcat de-Nada... ?
Date Thu, 10 Aug 2000 21:40:03 GMT


on apache1.3.12
tomcat 3.1 but the /jserv/ folder says 'tomcat 1.0'...

the tomcat jserv module (it says tomcat1.0 even though it is supposed to be
the latest build) is running,
i can see the jserv-status servlet fine.  however, tomcat appears to not be
accessible.  is there a simple
test path to tomcat (like /jserv/) which will instantly let me know if its
running?  i see the java thread in the ps
list, but nothing under /examples/, when i am pretty confident the conf
files are good.

notice the ERR=13: Permission Denied?  when the vm files are wide open, any
user should be able to execute...

tomcat, even tho running, isn't writing any log info when i am sure the conf
files are setup properly, but jserv writes plenty...
here's the jserv.log listing where it appears to be erring out:

[10/08/2000 15:23:27:696] (INFO) wrapper: Java VM restarting (PID=10610)
[10/08/2000 15:23:27:697] (INFO) wrapper: Java VM spawned (PID=10750,
[10/08/2000 15:23:27:699] (INFO) wrapper: Java Virtual Machine unable to
start (ERR=13: Permission denied)
[10/08/2000 15:23:27:699] (ERROR) wrapper: printing debugging information
(command line, env)
[10/08/2000 15:23:27:699] (ERROR) wrapper: argument[ 0]
[10/08/2000 15:23:27:699] (ERROR) wrapper:
argument[ 1] -Dtomcat.home=/mnt/vol2/opt/jakarta-tomcat/
[10/08/2000 15:23:27:699] (ERROR) wrapper: argument[ 2]
[10/08/2000 15:23:27:699] (ERROR) wrapper: argument[ 3]
[10/08/2000 15:23:27:699] (ERROR) wrapper: environment[ 0]
[10/08/2000 15:23:27:700] (ERROR) wrapper: environment[ 1]

so to recap, jserv runs fine, tomcat is nowhere, i know plenty about
servlets and java, lite on linux, but the tomcat docs are slightly scattered
and sometimes contradictory... so i post this message...

any ideas plz...

thnx, john.

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