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From "Boniakowski,Jeb" <>
Subject RE: No servlets
Date Wed, 02 Aug 2000 13:12:26 GMT
I don't know what this is all about, but it happens to me too.  If I go down
to the directories and compile the files myself, and leave the class files
there, then go up to the top level and run my build script, it works fine.
It even recompiles things that need to be recompiled, but only if they've
already been compiled once.  Weird, eh?  Maybe it's not really doing that.
I haven't had a good change to really test it sicne I was trying to fix that
damn "COM" vs. "com" problem all yesterday (thanks again to the guy who
fixed it).  I'll mess around with mine more and see, but for now, try
compiling all your individual classes in place (in the src tree) and then
running ant on the whole project.  See if that helps you.


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> Subject: No servlets
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> Hello
> I have a problem with the build file in tomcat. Everything gets in the
> right place except the servlets. In fact they newer gets 
> compiled. I have
> the problem on both linux RedHat 6.2 and Win2K with Tomcat 
> 3.1. My JDK are
> IBMJava 1.3 on linux and Sun 1.3 on Win. Anyone have an idea what I'm
> doing wrong.
> Thoger

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