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From "Boniakowski,Jeb" <>
Subject Kung Fu the Legend Continues
Date Tue, 01 Aug 2000 18:10:30 GMT
If anyone's following my problem, allow me to point out a new wrinkle.
First a brief recap:

When I put my servlets in packages, they break.  I get

I haven't changed anything, I just noticed that if I go to my index page,
click login (which POSTs to the packaged servlet in question), I get the
error.  If I click reload, and then click "yes, resubmit the POST info", I
get the error.  However, if I put the cursor in the url line of IE5 and
press enter, the info is posted to the URL as intended, and I get the
response I'm looking for.  What the willy?


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