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From Jay Chalfant <>
Subject Architectural oddity?
Date Tue, 15 Aug 2000 19:30:58 GMT

I seek comment on a considered architecture using Tomcat.

Assume a 3 tiered web app. The middle tier is implemented in Java and uses
apache/Tomcat. It talks to the back end (also implemented in Java) via
HTTP/XML. In the case the middle and back tier are colocated, we might
consider using a single instance of apache that directs requests to two
different instances of Tomcat, one for the middle tier and one for the back
end. This makes sense from a resource perspective, but wrinkles my eyebrow
regarding the timing interaction of said components. Also, load on apache
may be a concern.

Does anyone have experience with such an architecture or a feeling as to
whether this is a good idea?

All replies are appreciated. 



Jay Chalfant
OutBack Resource Group

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