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Subject AW: IOException on pure HTML .jsp file???
Date Fri, 11 Aug 2000 07:53:07 GMT

> I'm getting a weird error that appears to be a bug with 
> Jakarta-Tomcat.
> I'm serving up a pure-html page (no <% %> tags) using 
> Jakarta.  The file is
> named "fubar.jsp", so it gets processed by Jakarta into a 
> servlet.  When it
> runs, I get a few of the following exception on the console:
> 2000-08-10 05:11:48 - Ctx( /fubar ): IOException in: R( /fubar + / +
> /images/fubar.gif) Connection aborted by peer: socket write error
> The error is repeatable every time.  The images upon which I 
> see this error
> are all given with a relative URL (it's 
> "../images/XXXX.gif").  When the
> page is finished loading, the images appear correctly on the 
> resulting page.
> However, every so often Jakarta never returns (the IE 
> throbber never stops
> throbbing).

I have the same problems with html pages
like /examples/index.html, /servlets/index.html or /examples/tomcat.gif.

When I start my machine and call the pages, I get no error messages.
But if I hit the "View all contexts" button in the admin tool I get
an error messages, but the page shows up properly.
If I go back to the /examples/index.html pages, I get the same IOException
like you (socket write error).

I sent this problem/error message twice to this mailing list, but I got
no answer to it.
I have no idea, what's going on! I think, that it is a bug (maybe in the
admin tool) and I hope that it will be fixed in the next version of Tomcat.

> Has anyone else had this problem?  This looks most certainly 
> like a bug in
> Jakarta, as I'm serving up a pure-html file.  I'm interested 
> in a fix, a
> work-around, or some explanation that would allow me to avoid 
> the problem.


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