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From Hunter Hillegas <>
Subject RE: Bug in Tomcat? Response already committed?
Date Fri, 11 Aug 2000 16:47:43 GMT
Where would the stack trace print out?

It's not in tomcat.log and it didn't print to the console... How do I
set/view STDERR?

The page is now blank so obviously it's just printing the stack trace and

In the case that it's "really bad", who should I talk to about getting it
fixed? The bugzilla database is down...

Hunter Hillegas, MCP
Web Engineer / System Administrator - Jacob Stern & Sons, Inc.
805-565-1411 PH * 805-565-8684 FAX

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The worst case...
Try to encapsulate the whole jsp page in your own try / catch block:

at the beginning:
try {

at the end:
} catch (Throwable t) {

This should print the stack trace on the standard error (so make sure you
will be able to see it ... )

If you will not see anything (even after Tomcat restart), then it's
really bad ... 

Roman Kratochvil

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