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From "Schmitt, Christian" <>
Subject Servlet mapping
Date Mon, 14 Aug 2000 08:37:31 GMT
Hi all,
I have a question concerning mapping of servlets.
Consider the following excerpt from server.xml:

  reloadable="true" >

Now I have the following on my web.xml:

Now when I point my browser to http://localhost/cs/servlet/info the servlet
is found and executes as expected. But what I really want to do is for
example: http://localhost/cs/some/directory/info but Tomcat does not find
the servlet and returns a 404 error. When I change the servlet mapping in
web.xml to:

Now Tomcat finds the servlet under http://localhost/cs/servlet/info as well
as http://localhost/cs/info but not under any other paths.

Am I missing something here or is it not possible?

Thanks for any tips.

Christian Schmitt

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