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From "MacLaren, Donald" <>
Subject RE: JSP and useBean
Date Wed, 30 Aug 2000 14:53:24 GMT
You always need the use bean age on a page.  It seems that you are having
session problems.  If the bean is not instantiated, it will do so.  If it
exists, it will just grab a handle to it and use the values in it.

Check out why you are having the Session problems.

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From: Andrew Stubbs []
Sent: Wednesday, August 30, 2000 5:32 AM
Subject: JSP and useBean

How do I detect if a bean is already loaded ?

I have a jsp that has a jsp:useBean command, works fine calls the
cosntructor etc. The page alters some data in the bean via a form action.
When the form action exits it redirects itself to the page that called it.

When I goto the page again I want to use the same bean info - but it calls
the constructor again and I lose the data already put into the bean. The
bean has a scope of session.

I thought a bean was analogous to a session specific area of memory
containing an object that could contain data or commands. I would not expect
the bean to get reconstructed until another session was created.



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