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From Alistair Hopkins <>
Subject Help with properties file locations
Date Mon, 21 Aug 2000 14:22:28 GMT
I have a mail class that sends a simple email and records it in the db.

The configuration [mail server, etc] is in a file

I put this in the same directory as the package containing the MessageDb.class:

ie, is the class,
which is in WEB-INF/classes/com/mysite/support
so I put the in WEB-INF/classes

When I test it from a non-servlet class it finds the properties file fine. 
(A test class using main(String[] args))

When I use it in a servlet, it can't find the properties file, and I have 
to pass the path through from the servlet, which is a pain as I'm not 
actually using the class directly.  And anyway, I hate being confused.

Why would this be?

Thanks in advance,


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