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From Joe Wielgosz <>
Subject Tomcat refusing connections from the same JVM it's running in
Date Fri, 04 Aug 2000 15:09:32 GMT
Hi, new to the list.

I have Tomcat 3.1 running standalone on server_machine, with two servlets, 
Servlet1 and Servlet2. Servlet1 serves up datasets. Servlet2 is a search 
engine which looks for running copies of Servlet1 at a predefined list of 
URLs, and indexes the available contents.

The problem is, when Servlet2 on server_machine tries to open an HTTP 
stream from Servlet1 on server_machine, I get SocketException - Connection 
refused. If I start up a new JVM on server_machine and open a stream to 
Servlet1, it works fine, so it seems that the problem must arise from both 
servlets running in the same JVM/instance of Tomcat.

This code worked fine with the JSDK 2.1 servlet server, so I am puzzled 
that Tomcat doesn't like it.

Has anybody else seen this behavior, or know what I can do?



Joe Wielgosz - Software Engineer
Center for Ocean-Land-Atmosphere Studies / Institute for Global Environment 
and Society - 301.891.3487 

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