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From Matt Goss <>
Subject Re: tomcat won't find my servlets ;-(((
Date Thu, 31 Aug 2000 14:35:36 GMT
If your web pages exist in the context... (ie
webapps/mycontext/somepage.html) they will be served by tomcat via an
url: http://mydomain/mycontext/sompage.html (thus the ajpservmount
command). If they do not reside inside the context... (ie.
wwwroot/somefolder/somepage.html) they will be served by apache via an
url: http://mydomain/somefolder/somepage.html (no tomcat).

Steve Buroff wrote:

>      **snip***
>      the apjservmount is used to tell apache to go to tomcat for
>      anything
>      inside a specific context (ie http://mydomain/mycontextname/
>      gets sent
>      to tomcat)
> Does this mean it will also go to tomcat for .html pages? If so, is
> there away to change that so Apache handles the html and Tomcat the
> servletsand .jsp files? TIA Steve Buroff

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