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From MikeJ <>
Subject Re: Tomcat stability issues
Date Thu, 31 Aug 2000 07:58:27 GMT
> Could you elaborate on your comments a bit? I've often heard the assertion
> that there is some advantage to using the Apache JServ adapter to connect to
> Tomcat instead of just serving up directly from Tomcat's built in server. I
> honestly find this puzzling.
> It seems to me that if you require some functionality that Apache offers
> (SSL for instance), then indeed you might need Apache. Other than that, I'm
> having a hard time imagining what any sort of advantage might be.
> I did a big app with JServ, and I also wrote a C++ client to mod_jserv, so
> I'm pretty familiar with how the JServ protocol works. Granted, the overhead
> is minimal, but there is overhead.
> And aren't we really talking about a 4 tier app vs. 3 tier when using
> something like JServ which requires an extra net connection?
> I can see how serving up static files might be faster with Apache, since its
> written in C and very mature. But in theory, it seems to me that going
> directly to Tomcat instead of shuttling all the data through Apache first
> would eliminate a bit of unnecessary overhead when your app is mostly
> dynamic.
> Maybe this is a can of worms, but I would be curious to hear some opinions
> on this from some people out there who might have some perspective on this
> that I'm missing.


    I completely agree. Unless you need secure pages and authentication, I find
the ajserv->tomcat bridge to be more hassle than it's worth. With the 4-tier
solution, you gain minor points in the performance yield over static pages, but
you lose out on administration overhead and dynamic content generation. The
former is double the pain during the development phase.

Tomcat developers: will we be seeing SSL soon? I think authentication is the
largest outstanding gap to be filled pertaining to the Servlet Specification.

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