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From "Martin Fenn" <>
Subject Re: [HELP] Problem: Win32Tomcat vs. Linux-Tomcat
Date Wed, 23 Aug 2000 11:26:37 GMT

> I have 2 proposal, but they might be wrong:
> 1. does your Right (RWX) are correct for both class
> and WorkDir
No, there are no problems ... I tested it (one of many tests ;-) ) with 
chmod -r a+rwx * (grrrrrr! Not good, I know) - nothing.

> 2. try to edit your page with an Unix editor (the 
The files are in Unix-text-format ... 

just a few minutes I've tested to edit the files with vi via telnet. I 
delete the parenthesises in 
<jsp:setProperty name="btnlogin" property="link" 
(you know: submit() makes the problem)
... and: Tomcat compiled the JSP-Page ... 

next try: insert parenthesises ... same error again:
work/localhost_8080/_0002fcdhadmin_0002flogin_0002einc_0002ejs Invalid escape character.
gin"), "link","javascript:document.anmelden.submit\(\)\;",null,null, 

The same error is thrown, when I use other words with 
parenthesises ...

There are no special charcters in the jsp-file !!!



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