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From yangyuexiang <>
Subject servlet mapping
Date Tue, 22 Aug 2000 07:44:19 GMT
Hi, Everyone,

I think this is an old question. Although I read both the specification
and the mails in this list, I am
still confused.

My problem is :

For the famous "examples" web application in the tomcat package, I can
not find out something
about the mapping of HelloWorldExample.class to

So, I donot understand why there is

(1) I already deleted all the  .war files under the webapps directory.
(2) I change the web.xml file under the ../examples/WEB-INF/ so that it
(3) I restart tomcat and then restart the apache server.

now, I typed "..../examples/HelloWorld" in the browser, what I expect is
"Hello World" in the browser, but
the URL was not found in the server.  But
".../examples/servlet/HellowWorld" does work. Strange..!

Another problem is about the above web.xml,
I cannot understand how the servlet container to decide the location of
the class. Does it assume the class is
located in ".../examples/WEB-INF/classes/" directory?

The third question is about the "path pattern" in page 48 of the servlet
Does the "path pattern" be compared with the "context path", "servlet
path", "path info" (page 28) or the combination of them. I am not sure I
understand the specification.

Thanks advance

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